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Advice Uncorked From the Mouth of Bottles

Welcome to Inebriated Input, a biweekly* podcast in which we drink a lot, then answer your life problems.

We're not especially qualified, we just read a lot of advice columns. And we're passionate about wine. And cocktails. And beer. And we like answering questions!

Have a question? Shoot it our way below!

*hey, we like our livers


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Who We Are



Jack of all trades, master of none. Works primarily in academic advising and support services with focuses in GLBTQI, low-income, and non-traditional populations. Has a working knowledge in sexual health. Hails from the great mitten state, Michigan, and lives the single city-girl life with her Boston Prothos and tabby Miles Davis (a very cool cat).

BA in English Literature from MSU and Masters in Liberal Arts American Culture from the University of Michigan.

Favorite advice columns: Dear Prudence and Care and Feeding, and any free access column that has a comment section.



Part graphic designer, part actor, part cook, part amateur axe-throwing enthusiast. Currently lives in Colorado, where she does not ski or snowboard, thankyouverymuch. When she is not at a rehearsal (which is pretty much never) she is hanging out with her husband and two dogs, Jaco and Scylla, who are named after a famous Jazz bassist and a Greek sea monster, respectively.

Discovered swear words in the fourth grade, and hasn't looked back since (F*ck is a part of her every day vocabulary—sorry, Mom!).

Favorite advice columns: Carolyn Hax, Dear Prudence, and Dear Sugars

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